Tissue pots, how and what to grow

Tissue pots: advantages and disadvantages. With the cultivation in bags they quickly spread i fabric vases, light, breathable and ecological.THE fabric vases are they better than clay pots? On this page we will give you all the detailed information aboutfabric vasesalso offering you some market proposals.

THEfabric vases are they better than clay pots or plastic containers? 
Let's face it right away, ifabric vasesthey are a very valid alternative to traditional terracotta pots and more modern plastic containers. Plastic pots are recommended for their lightness while traditional pots are recommended for the breathable capacity of terracotta, i fabric vasesthey are even lighter than plastic containers and even more breathable than clay pots.


What can be grown in tissue pots?
In fabric vases it is possible cultivate practically everything. They are ideal for growing vegetables but also for flowers. Given their lightness, they can be placed on the terrace or balcony without burdening the load capacity of the top.

When you decide to grow in buckets, in fabric pots or in any other container, the important thing is to choose the cultivar that best suits the volume of soil available; for example, atissue vasewith a capacity of 8-10 liters of soil, it is ideal for growing lettuce, chicory, basil, aromatic herbs ... but not more demanding vegetables such as tomatoes or courgettes that require atissue vase(or other container) capable of holding at least 15 liters of soil.

Tissue pots, the advantages

THEfabric vasesthey are light because they are made with special fabrics that in most cases are 100% recyclable. They are usually dark in color, dark colors cause the soil to overheat but this is not a problem when it comes tofabric vasesbecause the material is highly permeable and allows heat to dissipate quickly.

Being transpiring vessels, ifabric vasesthey are able to contribute very well to the gaseous exchange between soil and roots without retaining an excessive load of humidity. Another advantage concerns the possibility of being able to store them in a very limited space when they are no longer in use: at the end of cultivation it is possible to empty the fabric pots, wash them and fold them, placing them in a dry and clean place.


Among the various advantages, not to be overlooked, is the price of the product, which is far lower than other types of pots. The price offabric vasesit is very low, ranging from a base of a couple of euros up to a maximum of 10 euros for high capacity fabric pots, useful for growing potted palms or other large plants. In our photo gallery we have collected thefabric vaseswith the best value for money.

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