How to fight allergies

How to fight allergies: from natural antihistamines to do-it-yourself remedies. Tips and precautions to combat allergies effectively and inexpensively.

How to fight allergies

Antihistamines and nasal sprays are not the only solution to stuffy noseand to otherssymptomstypical ofallergies. The key also lies in nutrition.

According to the naturopathTracey Beaulneof Toronto's Naturopathic Family Medicine center, sufferersseasonal allergiesshould be full of probiotic foods.

Each organism can benefit from the effect of the so-calledfunctional foodsbut who suffers fromallergywill benefit twice! Functional or probiotic foods help the digestive system and promote our natural immune defenses by helping them modulate responses to adversity so as to prevent allergic reactions.

Natasha Turner, naturopath and author of the bestselling book “The Carb Sensitivity Program”, reminds us that in addition to probiotic foods it is essential to take the right amounts of Vitamin C on a daily basis. Vitamin C, taken every day, modulates the formation of histamine, the substance that causes the allergic reaction in our body. For best results, combine the power of vitamin C with bioflavonoids. It is for this reason that dog rose is considered a good one natural remedy for allergies.

Among the most suitable bioflavonoids afight allergies we mention thequercetin,perfect for soothing classic seasonal allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, itching and hay fever.

Quercetin has proven useful in anti treatments allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds and flu. In addition to 2 mg of Vitamin C, to obtain good results and fight allergies in a natural way, it is recommended to take about 2 grams per day. A food rich in quercetin is onion, even better if combined with peppermint which facilitates its absorption (seepeppermint essential oil).

Respiratory symptoms and environment

THEsymptomsborne by the respiratory system (stuffy nose, asthma, sneezing, cough, labored breathing ...) can be mitigated with a more careful air control. Filters and ventilation systems for air control are strongly recommended in the case ofallergy to dust mites, pollen allergy (seasonal allergies) and dog and cat hair allergy.

Use HEPA filters

A wide open window can be a sufferer's worst enemyallergies seasonal. When temperatures rise, we tend to open the windows to allow fresh air to enter, both in the house and in the car.

Who suffers fromseasonal allergiesshould avoid such a thing: opening the windows means allowing access to a large number of substances, including pollen. It is recommended to use an air conditioner with internal air recirculation and the use of a high efficiency HEPA filter. For more information on the usefulness ofHEPA filtersand how to choose the best one forallergies, I refer you to the page:how to purify the air at home.

Allergy and eye discomfort (burning, tearing ...)

Many underestimate the importance of adequate eye protection. Regardless of the presence ofsymptomsborne by the eye pavilion (burning eyes, watery eyes, redness ...), those suffering fromallergyshould always protect the eyes.

In case ofpuffy eyes and that burn, for immediate relief, you can place a bandage soaked in cold water over your eyes. It is clear that in the case ofallergyit is better to avoid make up.

Wear cap and sunglasses

For pollen, one way of access to our body is given by the ocular pavilion. Protecting your eyes means removing a powerful allergen from your body. To buffer errors 3 and 4, a hat with a wide brim and a pair of sunglasses can protect the face from pollen.

Allergies to dust mites

In addition to the aforementioned HEPA filters that improve air quality, for those suffering from allergies to dust mites, the use of acaricides is not only recommended, it could even be essential to live in harmony with the home environment. For all information, I refer you to the page:allergy to dust mites.

Natural antihistamines

We have already mentionedquercetin and vitamin C like the twonatural antihistaminesfor excellence. Among the foods that will help you get vitamin C we point out oranges, peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, spinach, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi, tomatoes, lettuce and bananas.

According to quercetin, it can be taken with fruit or green tea. Even better if enriched with a few drops of peppermint essential oil.

Ribes nigrum

Theribes nigrumis useful to those who suffer fromallergies: 50 drops of blackcurrant glycerine macerate are enough, diluted in a little water, to be taken every morning, before breakfast. This remedy is useful for relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergy. Such homeopathic remedy provides a three-month treatment, during which the active ingredients contained in the black currant will stimulate the adrenal glands.

Furthermore, black currant is rich in vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and provides substances capable of counteracting the action of histamine, responsible for the symptoms of allergy.

Where to find black currant? In herbalists and stores specializing in homeopathies (homeopathic pharmacies, pharmaceutical emporiums ...), or you can take advantage of the online purchase, on Amazon, for example, a bottle of glycerine macerate can be bought at a price of 14.19 euros with shipping costs price.

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Allergies, natural remedies and do-it-yourself tests

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