Best centrifuges, selection guide

What are thebetter centrifugeson the market? Here is a short guide that will make you choose the best by considering the technical characteristics of the various products on the market.

Thecentrifugesare equipped withscootersable to operate the mechanism that separates the liquid portion from the rest of the product. This mechanism exploits the centrifugal force and, the more powerful and efficient the engine is, the less food waste will be produced.

The engine of acentrifugeit can produce from a minimum of 6,000 revolutions (RPM, revolutions per minute) up to a maximum of 18,000 revolutions for theprofessional centrifuges. To choose and discriminate thebetter centrifugesIt is important to know the number of revolutions produced by the engine: the higher the engine revolutions, the greater the quantity of juice that thecentrifugewill be able to produce and consequently, less waste will be.


With the same number of turns, to discriminate thebetter spin, there are other factors to consider:
- the strength of the materials
-The dimensions
(not those of the tank but of the cylinder! If the cylinder is large you will have the possibility to insert whole fruit and vegetables, without the need to cut them)
- the possibility to choose between different speed levels
- easy maintenance
(although, for better or worse, they are all difficult to wash ... just like the juice extractors! Being bulky, if you don't have a good dishwasher, be prepared to dirty the sink)
-power consumptions
-noise level
-the price
(even the wallet wants its share!)

After having explained to you what are the selection criteria to identify thebetter spin, we offer you the models with the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Philips HR1871 / 70 Avance Collection
It is configured among the so-called "professional centrifuges", it is the newcomer of the Philips house and supports the HR1871 / 10 model which costs about 224 euros, fortunately this Philips HR1871 / 70 is at the promotional price of 194.99 euros (free shipping ) and in addition it brings the possibility to perform a pre-wash so as to make the cleaning phase easier.

I advise you not to underestimate the function "QuickClean", perfect for those who want to drink centrifuged every day but have no time or patience to clean different baskets.

Bosch MES3500 Centrifuge
Here we go from Philip's 1000W to Bosch's 700W and you can feel the difference in power. The object is bulkier and also more difficult to clean but it also costs much less. The price is 102.13 euros and the guarantee of the materials is typical of Bosch, a true ally in the kitchen.

The same power range, at Philips, you pay even less ... even if in this case the volumetric capacity drops (in other words if you want to produce large quantities of juices it will take longer), however the price is about 75 euros for the Philips HR1855.

Those who do not want to give up the power of 1000W (and therefore more rpm / engine) can aim for lesser known houses. This is the case of the professional centrifuge Clatronic AE 3532 proposed at the price of 49.70 euros. Personally I have never tried this centrifuge, most of the user reviews are good, indeed, excellent but investigating the low price, I discovered that in the sales lot some pieces came out defective: the extracted liquid ended up in the housing of the engine. You can try to buy it and if you find the defective piece, send it back by relying on the Amazon guarantee.


In the best scenario you will have an excellent centrifuge for less than 50 euros, in the worst scenario you will be reimbursed for the 50 euros but you may not receive the ticket for the shipping costs associated with returning the item. In theory, the return costs should be borne by the seller but unfortunately, to streamline the timing, many users ship independently and therefore at their own expense.

My advice
If you don't have wallet problems, choose the formerPhilipsbecause it's easier to clean, especially if you don't have a dishwasher! For other models and model offers, please visit our photo gallery.

Better theCentrifugesor Cold Juice Extractors?
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