The cultivation of basil, instructions

The cultivation of basil, instructions

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Cultivation of basil: useful information on how to grow basil and other information on the beneficial properties of this splendid aromatic plant.

Thearomatic plantsthey are excellent for replacing kitchen salt, both fresh and dried, and are also rich in vitamins and minerals useful in digestion and metabolism. Those who manage to grow their own spices independently can count on pleasant olfactory stimulations and give added value to each dish.

In particular, thebasil, is appreciated for its antioxidant function and for its beneficial properties capable of protecting our body.

The properties of basil
In the kitchen, thebasilmakes dishes more palatable and digestible. Those who love natural remedies can rediscover in thebasila perfect ally thanks to its manypropertytherapeutic. Thebasilit's great natural remedyfor those suffering from stomach and intestinal spasms, its infusions are perfect for improving difficult digestions.

Thebasilalso has to readpropertysedative, useful in cases of insomnia caused by stress or migraines. Counteracts cell damage caused by free radicals (it is a source of antioxidants) thanks above all to the action of rosmarinic acid (also present in rosemary, sage, mint, thyme, lemon balm) which would act in synergy with vitamin E and other substances antioxidants.

Since ancient times thebasilIt was used as a remedy to counteract inflammation of the mouth and to cleanse superficial wounds, in fact, once upon a time, a sort of mouthwash was prepared based on fresh basil leaves, infused for 10 minutes in a boiling cup.

The cultivation of basil

Thebasilis a plant of Asian and African origin, it grows perfectly in the Mediterranean basin and the crops homegrown are easy to carry out.

Thebasil it is among the most used aromatic herbs in the kitchen in the preparation of many recipes. Thebasil it should be consumed fresh, only in this way it releases all its aroma. Always keeping it fresh means dedicating a corner in the garden or terrace to grow it.

Cultivation of basil, sowing
The seeds should be placed in the ground spaced at least 10 cm apart and covered with about 2 cm of soil, after a week the first shoots should appear. As the seedlings grow, proceed with thinning, eliminating the weakest leaves to favor the growth ofbasil.Once the basil plants have grown, remove the flowers whenever they form, to give the plants a chance to generate new leaves. All information:How to sow basil

How to grow basil in pots
For detailed instructions, please refer to the articleCultivation of basil in pots.

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