How to grow peas in pots

How to grow peas in pots

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Not having a vegetable garden does not necessarily mean depriving yourself of the freshness of freshly picked peas; these legumes can also be easily grown in pots!

All you need is a little space and maybe a wall to put the support to hang the plant on. In this regard we will illustrate you how to grow peas in pots giving you all the necessary information.

How to grow peas in pots, useful information

  • Vase or container

If we want to grow the “mangiatutto” variety we need a 35 cm wide pot, to be able to put at least 4 seedlings. This strain will give a more satisfying harvest on the balcony, as being able to eat everything, including the peel, it yields much better than the regular pea.
If, on the other hand, we want to grow the climbing pea, we need an elongated pot, in which to sow the seeds at a distance of about 8 cm and at a depth of about 4/5 cm. The pot should be placed near a wall, where you can fix a trellis or a metal mesh, on which the pea can comfortably find support. If we use a large space we can opt for a large round vase with supports fixed in the shape of a hut.

  • Exposure and sowing period

Pea plants prefer a sunny position in the north or partial shade in the south. The ideal temperature of the pea ranges from 10 to 20 degrees, so it is advisable to sow between March and April.
However, it is good to make sure that the plant goes into production before the weather gets too hot, as the high temperatures harden the peas and slow down their growth.

  • A little help with germination

To favor the germination of peas, we can place them for a few days between two damp napkins in a warm place, before burying them, choosing a sheltered place away from sunlight. As soon as the sprouts start to grow we could sow them in the pot

  • Care and cultivation

Peas do not need much care, just water them regularly and mulch the soil of the pot with straw, bark, hazelnut shells, in short, any material that can counteract the too fast evaporation of water is fine: otherwise drought will it would harden the consistency and impair flowering. Peas like fresh, but not too wet soil.

  • Collection

The pods are harvested about three months after sowing, when they are still tender and the seeds are not very developed. Better to harvest them in advance than too late because if they remain on the plant for a long time the quality deteriorates.

As for the climbing pea, know that you can also eat the buds and cirrus, that is, the curls with which the plant clings to the supports.

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