DIY shampoo for dry hair

Treat idry hairit is by no means an easy task. Have you ever wondered why your hair is so dry and maybe why it tends to break easily? The first cure for dry hair starts "from the inside": make sure you drink enough water during the day (the famous 8 glasses!) And fill up with vitamin E, essential amino acids and other essential micronutrients to maintain the natural well-being of the hair.

Probably, if you've come to this post, it's because you're on the hunt for a recipe to make onediy shampoospecific fordry hair. Well, you've come to the right place, here's how to prepare a shampoo with natural ingredients suitable for dry hair care!

DIY shampoo for dry hair

The recipe for an excellent DIY shampoo for dry hair is available on the page dedicated tohomemade shampoo. As an alternative to DIY, we recommend a natural shampoo based on cocoa butter, perfect for dry hair. There are several products based on cocoa butter on the market, be careful to choose those that have only ingredients of natural origin such as this 100% Natural Cocoa Butter Shampoo without SLS / SLES and without Parabens. Such shampoos are not always available on the market because since they are niche products (there are few conscious consumers around!) They are manufactured in small batches.

In addition to the use ofnatural shampoo for dry hair, I recommend using DIY masks and treatments as described below.

A natural mask for dry hair
You can use the egg to give new vigor and shine to dry hair. I know the recipe looks rather "disgusting" but the results seem to be guaranteed within a few treatments. The egg-based mask is prepared by mixing three egg yolks, the juice of one lemon and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. The mixture obtained must be used as a hair pack, it must be left to act for about 30 minutes and then proceed with the classic wash.

The natural gel for dry hair or pre-shampoo pack
In addition to giving you instructions for a homemade shampoo, we provide you with a recipe for a DIY hair gel, specifically fordry hair. The gel uses flax seeds, rich in omega-3, proteins and micronutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, E and F. Flax seeds are able to counteract cell degradation, a useful property in the care of dry and brittle hair.

This gel can be used both as a fixative for hair (like the classic gels that are found on the market), and as a treatment to be done before the classic shampoo, nourishing pack style. How should you proceed?

  1. Put 30 grams of flax in a colander (or in a tea infuser) and immerse everything in a saucepan filled with 200 ml of water.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it boil for 10 minutes: the more the seeds overheat, the denser the mixture will be.
  3. After cooking, let it rest for at least a couple of hours, until the gel forms.
  4. Remove the colander or the infuser, add two tablespoons of lemon juice to your natural gel. Mix well.
  5. You can use your gel right away or store it in the fridge in a glass jar or in an airtight dispenser. It can be kept for a maximum of one week.

N.B .: if your lips are also dehydrated, consider taking better care of your diet by filling up on fruit, vegetables and ... water!

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