Urban agriculture at the Festival degli Orti

Urban agriculture, welfare and landscape are the themes of the Festival of the Gardens scheduled from 13 to 24 May in Monza in the greenhouse gardens of Villa Reale. A stone's throw from Milan, the fourth edition of the event organized by Terralab 3.0 brings the theme of EXPO to Brianza with the focus Feeding the city.

Feeding the city: new forms of urban agriculture, welfare and landscape is the title of the green speech day (Saturday 16 May) during which international experts will bring their contribution to the reflection on the theme ofurban agriculture and its positive implications on the economic, social and welfare system: the new green economies, short supply chains, urban regeneration and well-being.

Saturday 16th May

  • From 9.00 to 13.30: food and territory, urban agriculture, productivity and new supply chains;
  • From 13.30 to 20.00: food and culture, conscious and sustainable nutrition, with a focus on Food Design.

The Festival of the Gardens in the year of EXPO it is an opportunity and an opportunity to talk about food, agriculture, landscape, but also about ecological architecture, of nature understood as 'care' and education green in schools. Courses, seminars and workshops for children, teenagers and adults offer the opportunity to experience horticulture, gardening and cooking. And at the same time the opportunity to experience first hand the issues of environmental sustainability and natural nutrition.

An exhibition on the lawn of the Giardini delle Serre will welcome the installations selected by the jury as winners of the competition for ideas Orto in tavola, a contest between designers on the theme of the garden as a form of new urban agriculture capable of influencing the development of the city.

Visitors to the Festival of the Gardens they will also have the opportunity to find products and items in the exhibition market of plants and flowers, organic and natural products, equipment and accessories for horticulture and gardening, wellness, and crafts. On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May the rare fruits will also be on display, with the anticipation of an exhibition that will take place in September.

Video: Βιολογική καλλιέργεια μοναχές (January 2022).