Difference between smoothies and centrifuged

Difference between smoothies and centrifuged

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Summer is the ideal time to enjoy lots of fresh fruit both to eat and drink, in the form of smoothies, centrifuged and juices. In fact, thanks to centrifuges and extractors, it is possible to create real mixes of well-being and goodness by combining several fruits in a single fresh and nutritious drink.

In order to benefit from all the beneficial properties it is advisable to prepare them at home and consume them in a short time, since they do not contain preservatives.
Apparently these natural fruit drinks represent a concentrate of well-being, but what is the difference between smoothies and centrifuged? Let's try to clarify this article!
The smoothie takes its name from the kitchen tool that is used to prepare it: the blender. There are no precise rules for making a smoothie, just cut one or more fruits into pieces, remove the peel if it is not edible or if the flavor is not to your liking, put everything in the container and start blending.
Banana, apple and pear are the most popular fruits as they are available all year round but you can blend together different ripe fruits or vegetables and vegetables, and maybe add, according to the taste, still water, ice, milk or vegetable milk, yogurt: in these last cases we will get a much more creamy and caloric smoothie.
Smoothies are rich in fiber and therefore have a good satiating power; to have a balanced taste we can combine sweet ingredients with other acids or simply add a few drops of lemon or other citrus fruits.

Again, the fruit (or vegetable) drink obtained takes its name from the tool used to prepare it: the centrifuge. Compared to a smoothie, a low fiber content is obtained since the juice is extracted from the ingredients used. Since this is a process that is achieved quickly while the machine works at high speed, there is a risk of heating the fruit and losing some nutrients.
In any case, centrifuged drinks are a thirst-quenching drink, with a high moisturizing power and certainly healthier and more genuine than packaged juices in which preservatives, dyes and added sugars can be found.
To make a smoothie we can choose whether or not to peel the fruit and we can easily combine fruit and vegetables; in this way it becomes easier for children to "eat" fruit and vegetables.

Smoothie or centrifuged?
Between these two drinks it is difficult to say which is the best since in all cases fresh fruit and vegetables are used, taking full advantage of their hydration and purification benefits. Smoothies seem to be the most complete as they contain more fiber but it should be noted that vitamins and enzymes are less likely to be spoiled in a juicer.
The choice between smoothie and centrifuged can be determined by personal taste and needs and on the kitchen appliance in the house.

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