Fertilization of citrus fruits in pots

Therefertilization of citrus fruit in pots it is essential to get a decent harvest and on this page I will give you all the information for fertilizeat best thecitrus fruitsgrown in pots.

As with all crops in jar, also that of citrus fruits needs special attention: the roots placed in a container have a very limited amount of soil and therefore also of nutrients available, which is why it is necessary to provide timelyfertilizations.

In the north of Italy, from the first days of April and always respecting the climatic trend of the season, it will be possible to bring thecitrus fruits in pots. Thecitrus fruits in potsthey should be taken outdoors when the night temperatures no longer drop below 6 - 8 ° C. At this stage it will be essential to have already administered a first fertilization to the potting soil.

The first fertilization of citrus fruit in pots it must be implemented in March and up to early April. At this juncture, you can distribute ground lupins on the soil respecting the dosage indicated on the label. Approximately 40 - 60 grams of ground lupins are needed to fertilize the soil contained in a 30 - 50 cm pot. The price of organic fertilizer varies a lot depending on the composition and the manufacturer. A 5 kg bag of good quality, ready-to-use ground lupins is offered on Amazon at a price of 18.90 euros. All information: Ground lupins for citrus

The secondfertilizationto be administered tocitrus fruits in potsroughly falls in the period of May and June. During this time you will have tofertilizeyour plants every 15 days, take a liquid fertilizer to be administered at the time of irrigation.

A specific liquid fertilizer forcitrus fruits in potsit is of NPK type (nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium 5 - 10 - 15 with microelements). Again I recommend that you follow the dosages prescribed by the manufacturer.

What to do if citrus leaves turn yellow?

The phenomenon of yellowing of citrus leaves is saidchlorosis. If this happens,fertilizeryours citrus fruits in potsonce a month, starting from April and until June. This time, you will need to administer iron sulphate at a dose of 10 - 15 grams for each liter of water; as an alternative to iron sulphate you can use Sequestrene NK 138 Fe, respecting the doses indicated on the label.

Remember that, for citrus fruits in pots, in addition to fertilization, the three pruning of the year and repotting to be carried out - when necessary - in May are equally fundamental.

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