How to clear the ground of weeds

Weeding the soil naturally takes a lot of patience, even if it is a necessary practice.

Weeds represent a problem for cultivation: they cannot be sown on a land invaded by weeds or by spontaneous essences which, even if belonging to the local flora, cannot share the space with our vegetables! In this regard we will illustrate you how to clear the ground of weeds, to prevent weeds from recurring continuously and persistently?

How to clear the soil of weedsand according to the size of the land.

  • Small vegetable garden

Just dig deep with the spade, taking care to sift the soil carefully. The most difficult thing is to remove the roots of the weeds, but not the land, which will instead be used for future crops. Therefore you will have to pull up the weed with its clod of earth and shake it well, before throwing it into the compost heap.

  • Larger garden

A simpler and faster but still ecological system can be used; just cover the ground with sheets, with cardboard, with jute bags, with old carpets, in short, with anything that does not let light and air pass. After a month under this cover, the herbs die from lack of light and air.
It is not a procedure to be taken at the last moment as it takes time; it is not very pretty to look at but it is effective and functional. With this system you will easily eliminate all the annuals while the roots of the perennial plants, more stubborn and stubborn, will be eliminated manually.
Here's how to proceed:

  1. Spread the material (it must be thick enough, at least 3-4 mm) over the entire surface of the ground, blocking the perimeter with stones or earth and overlapping the edges of the various sheets by a few centimeters.
  2. After a month, remove the cover and uproot all the herbs left on the soil, using the hoe just below the surface of the soil. If they are not too large, you can also incorporate them into the ground, with a spade or with the use of a walking tractor.
  3. Water the soil and wait about ten days to give the seeds left in the soil time to sprout again. Of course this time you will have to leave the ground uncovered.
  4. After ten days, carry out a second cleaning, much faster than the first, taking care to uproot all the roots of the annual and perennial herbs that remain.

Only at this point will it be possible to carry out a good manure; if the ground is still heavy, correct with sand or straw.

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