Frigogasatore: prices and models

Frigogasatore: prices and models

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Thefrigogasatoreit is an appliance that returnssparkling waterstarting from the water oftap. Unlike filter jugs or water machines such asSodastream, afrigogasatoreit takes water from the water supply and, after filtering it, cools it and adds carbon dioxide (makes it sparkling).

Compared to the classics water carbonators table, afrigogasatorehas several advantages: it requires little CO2 to carbonate the water, it is more comfortable and has an excellent level of saturation.

Afrigogsatoreit has high costs because it is a very complex appliance: it is composed of a refrigeration circuit, a hydraulic circuit, an electric circuit and a pneumatic circuit.

The refrigeration circuit is designed to accumulate cold over time and return it when there are strong requests for cold water. Thefrigogasatoreit is convenient to produce an unlimited amount ofsparkling water in the house, directly from the tap. Not just thefrigogasatoreit is used to produce carbonated water at home but is also useful for filtering tap water and making it more pleasant on the palate and healthier to drink. There are different systems for filtering tap water: water carbonators such as frigogasatori are equipped with an activated carbon filter or with a complex reverse osmosis system.

- SLIM10 cooler
Between fridge carbonators cheaper we point out the SLIM-10 WG, it is offered at a price of about 900 euros and manages to deliver three liters of water continuously. The water can be still or sparkling according to your tastes: it is a professional water carbonator and the quantity of gas introduced into the drinks can be modified at will. It must be connected directly to the water supply and can supply both water at room temperature and cold water.

In any case, it will be filtered and lighter water, with a taste similar to bottled mineral waters with the advantage that you can choose how sparkling the water should be. The installation kit complete with: H2O connection socket, shut-off cock, coupling fitting and connection pipes. The filter that purifies the tap water has an autonomy of 7,500 liters.

For other models we refer you directly to the Amazon e-commerce portal which deals with high quality refrigerators and covered by manufacturer's warranty. Prices vary according to the type of filter (reverse osmosis is the least recommended even if the opinions of users who have tried it are positive), the autonomy of the filter and CO2 cylinders. The cheaper ones are equipped with disposable cylinders but they can also be replaced with rechargeable cylinders which are the most expensive. There are under sink or counter models. For all products, please refer to the Frigogasatore page: prices and models.

In the photo above, the Free under-sink carbonator, made in Italy. This model is distinguished by a compact, space-saving design and an over-the-counter water dispenser that uses a different way from the water tap but which is still connected to the water supply. The filter makes the water light and has an excellent cooling system. This model can be bought for around 1,800 euros.

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