Homemade sourdough

There sourdough, also known as mother yeast or sour yeast, is a natural yeast used to make bread, pizza and other baked goods that require leavening. Prepare the homemade sourdough it is not difficult; it only takes two ingredients, flour and water, and a few rules to make the mixture acidify and refresh it over time.

There are some recipes that add honey, yogurt or sugary fruit, in any case it is essential to use a type 0 and organic flour to have an excellent sourdough. Let's see in detail how to prepare sourdough following our recipe step by step.

P.homemade mother rod, the ingredients

  • Flour type 0
  • Natural water at room temperature

Homemade sourdough, the preparation

  1. Knead vigorously with your hands 200 grams of flour and 100 ml of water until you get a homogeneous mixture
  2. Let it rest in a container covered with a cloth for 48 hours in a sheltered and warm place (18 ° - 24 °): after the two days the yeast should have an acrid odor of curdled milk and small dots should have appeared, symbol of the formation of the internal alveoli.
  3. Proceed with the first refreshment, therefore add 200 grams of compound (the rest must be thrown away), 200 grams of organic 0 flour and 100 ml of water and let it rest again for 24 hours.
  4. At this point, proceed for two weeks with a refreshment a day: after 14 days you can test if the yeast is ready; in this case you will have to take a part, leave it at room temperature for 4 hours and check if it increases its volume by 3-4 times.

PLEASE NOTE: the refreshment operation serves to supply new sugars so that the yeasts of the sourdough can be fed. After the first two weeks, the dough should be refreshed every 7 days, making sure to always use an equal amount of yeast and flour and half of water, for example if it weighs 200 grams you must add an equal amount of flour and 100 ml of water.

The active sourdough always presents itself with large alveoli, a sour smell and a slightly thicker crust on the surface that is preferable to eliminate before proceeding with the refreshment.

Sourdough, conservation
The mother yeast it can be stored in a closed refrigerator in an airtight container If it is not used, remember to refresh it every week. If you want to use it, it is preferable to take it out of the refrigerator the night before. For further information, please refer to the article "Bread with sourdough, instructions and advice"

How to make sourdough at home

If you want more information on the world ofnatural yeastand on how to prepare sourdough at home, I recommend reading the book“Sourdough. Tips and tricks for everyone to get to know it and use it to the fullest ".It is suitable both for those who already know how to make natural yeast at home, and for those who are just starting out. It contains a lot of information on the flours to use and even one recipe to prepare some gluten-free yeast. The book costs € 11.18 and can be purchased onAmazon with free shipping for those who decide to buy two books of their choice sourdough provides 10 recipes on how to use the mother yeastand advice on the flours to use; for those who want to make sourdough at home or those who intend to prepare pizzas with particularly genuine and tasty flours, you can find information in my guide articleHow to make flour at home.

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