Coffee grounds, a precious resource

THE coffee grounds they are not just organic waste to be thrown in the wet. In fact, they have very high potential and possibility of use ranging from composting to anti-cellulite creams, without forgetting the help to the environment that we can give by reducing waste.

It often happens to throw away material waste that we could easily reuse in view of the opportunities offered byrecycling.

Thanks to a pinch of creativity it is possible, in fact, recycle and reuse materials among the most varied and unthinkable, which we also use daily to carry out routine domestic activities:coffee grounds I'm an example.

Reuse of coffee grounds

The reuse of coffee grounds it is a small contribution to environmental protection and can also, if put into practice by the majority, represent an eco-compatible behavior that should be part of the habits of many.

L'use of coffee grounds it is manifold: we propose below some ideas that benefit environmental sustainability and also personal beauty and garden care!

Natural scrub

It is possible to get natural beauty products at no cost. THEcoffee grounds can be used as natural cosmetics with exfoliating properties, just pass them on the skin and then rinse to get an extraordinarily smooth skin. Those who are not satisfied with simplicity can mix coffee grounds with honey to obtain a natural nourishing scrub for the skin. As an alternative to honey, it is possible to use almond oil, so as to have an exfoliating and moisturizing effect.

For the care of dark hair

Those with dark hair, with application and simple rinsing, will get surprisingly shiny hair.

As a fertilizer for the vegetable garden and the garden

Who loves the gardening it can use coffee grounds as nutrients to fertilize the soil or as a repellent for insects and ants. They are also excellent to add to topsoil of the plants home.

To absorb bad smells

It is possible to resort to the use of coffee grounds also for the benefit ofdomestic ecology: placed in a bowl in the refrigerator they are, in fact, ideal for absorbing bad smells, while rubbed on the hands they are able to remove food odors.

These tips are not only valid strategies for saving at home, but they represent a personal contribution to the fight against waste.

Recycle the coffee grounds

It is wonderful to discover that waste can be useful for our pocket and for the environment. Let's look at other ways to recycle this precious resource.

How to reuse coffee grounds, useful tips

  • Smells from the fridge: put them in a cup without a lid inside the fridge. If you prefer, you can add a few drops of mint essential oil.
  • Bad smells in the cupboardsi: fill dry cloth bags (or old tights) with the bottoms and place them inside to counteract the stale smell. You can also add a few drops of vanilla extract
  • Eliminate bad smells from your hands. Smells of garlic, onion and fish on your hands: rub your hands with the funds and then lather them.
  • Air freshener: mix the coffee grounds with a little water and cinnamon and let the perfume vaporize over low heat.
  • Hair nutrition: rub the funds after shampooing and let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse again with a little shampoo: it could prevent dandruff, hair loss and give shine.
  • Body scrub: mix the coffee grounds with a few teaspoons of olive oil; the mixture obtained seems to be an excellent natural, nutritious, economical and organic exfoliant.
  • Plant fertilizer: put the bottom of the cold coffee in the pot or directly on the ground. If you prefer a liquid fertilizer, add 2 cups of coffee grounds to a bucket of water, leave to infuse. Spread on garden and pot plants, especially to feed the leaves.
  • Rinse aid pots: to polish pots, after normal washing, rub the product to remove the mineral film
  • Against furniture and floor stains: moisten a cloth, pass it on the bottoms and then rub on the offending stain, the stains will disappear easily even if they are sugary stains given by syrups, drinks, etc.
  • To eliminate the most superficial scratches: With the coffee powder, you can also remove light scratches on wooden furniture.
  • Fabrics dye: if you add lukewarm water, the resulting brown color can also be used for decoupage works. At the end, always dry with a hairdryer, brush off the dust and fix with dry ironing).
  • To light the fireplace: roll up some newspapers and sprinkle them with the powder from the well dried coffee grounds, arrange the wood and light the newspapers.
  • To clean the chimney: to clean it, throw the wet grounds into the chimney to keep dust low and clean so easily.
  • Natural anti-cellulite: combine the coffee grounds with brown sugar and a few drops of coconut oil. Massage the affected area with circular movements and rinse with warm water.

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