Scooba 450, the opinions of those who have tried it

Theopinionsof users and the experiences of using theScooba 450of iRobot, the floor cleaning robot that promises to fight the most stubborn dirt and eliminate up to 99.3% of bacteria commonly present in the home.

A floor cleaning robot can be the ideal solution for those who do not have enough time for home cleaning and for those who are usually forced to frequently resort to a cleaning company. Sure, if you're thinking of buying itScooba 450of iRobot you are right to find out about user opinions and user experiences ... this gizmo costs around 690 euros (what a price!), better choose carefully!

Scooba 450 by iRobotAs the manufacturer presents it

Scooba 450 it sucks up the floor by moistening it first, then rubs it and dries it: this 3-phase system guarantees the highest level of cleaning performance, for clean and sanitized floors… with minimum effort!

How does the Scooba 450 mop robot work?
Cleans and mops floors in three steps:

  • Sweep the floor by removing dust and applying a cleaning solution
  • Pumps water on the floor and scrubs. It withdraws the dirty water by conveying it to a special tank which will then be emptied.
  • Dry the floor

To start cleaning with this automatic scrubber you will need to place the device in the center of the room.

Scooba 450 by iRobot- User opinions

Typically, the opinionson the automatic floor cleanerScooba 450 they are quite positive, everyone reports that it is super easy to use and appreciate the fact that it has two separate tanks to handle clean water (ready to wash the floor) and dirty water (just "sucked" off the floor).

According to the opinions of those who have already triedScooba 450, the purchase is recommended for those who want to buy a floor cleaning robot for cleaning small rooms. It is absolutely recommended for those who have children at home and want the floor to always be clean both for a matter of hygienic safety and because ... it is well known, children get dirty and Scooba 450it can also eliminate traces of mud, food that has accidentally fallen and the most stubborn dirt! It is not recommended for those who want to exploitScooba 450for very large environments as the actual recharging of the product lasts approximately 40 minutes.

It is highly recommended for those with pets: everyone, after the purchase ofScooba 450, report having solved, to a large extent, the problem of hair scattered around the house.

Among the disadvantages ofscooba 450there is the fact that there is no charging platform supplied with the purchase, so it will be necessary to recharge it manually or purchase the charging platform separately.

Between negative opinions, someone reported that the floor cleaning robotScooba 450unable to wash corners effectively or having difficulty finding their way out under a large double bed where there is no light ... It certainly needs some maintenance, as does a vacuum cleaner from time to time as it needs to be cleaned, tooScooba 450it must be well maintained. Apart from idefectsjust reported, there is no dissatisfaction with the work of the floor cleaning robot Scooba 450.

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