How to refurbish a bike

How to refurbish a bike: instructions for refurbishing one old bike with DIY and without having to face large expenses.

The days begin to get longer and so many of you feel like going out inbike… But what if thebikehas it been abandoned in the garage for many years? The one you get might be in really bad condition. When abicycleremains stationary for a long time, problems may arise in various components, the most common are:

  • deflated and / or damaged tires (full of small cracks)
  • rusty rims and far too weak spokes
  • damaged and worn seat
  • extremely dry chain
  • shift cable, usually frays
  • worn brake cables

The components of the old bike that you will be able to save are also the most expensive: gearbox, brakes, handlebars and frame!

How to refurbish a bike

First of all, I recommend that you change the wheels, this advice is even more felt if it is a classic 60s bicycle, a touch of modernity will make the bike more attractive! If you don't find the same wheels, you can buy complementary ones taking into account having to adjust the position of the brakes.

To avoid having to replace the chain, you can immerse it entirely in a few liters of… diesel! This may sound like a crazy tip, but this fuel works as a cheap lubricant. Alternatively, buy a degreaser and finally lubricate the chain with a suitable oil.

An old leather saddle is beautiful but an anatomical gel saddle could probably be much more comfortable, especially if you want to use the bike in the city center.

To refurbish the frame and metal parts, first give the bike a good bath and then take care of the rust. Don't be lazy, take some glass wool or crumpled tinfoil and work with elbow grease! I do not recommend using sandpaper because it could ruin what is good about yoursbikeworn out.

Remove all the old stickers from the bike and carefully evaluate the condition of the bike: is it worth painting? Make this decision before you do anything else.

Fortunately, buying a pair of gear and brake cables is cheap. Before running to Decathlon you can ask the small shop / spare parts dealer in your city. For the replacement you will need some metal tips to attach the entire cable.

Check the pedals on your bike, if they wobble or you don't see them firmly, you will need to tighten them (often the pedals come loose from the midframe) or replace them.

When you try the old bike, the brake pads could probably rub on the sides of the rim, not a problem! You will simply have to better adjust the position of the pads.

N.B .: if the hairpin, handlebar and other metal components are too rusty, you can perform a bath in an aqueous solution with oxalic acid and bleach.

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