Mosquito spray: have you seen how much they cost?

Mosquito spray: have you seen how much they cost?

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Have you seen how much the mosquito spray? For a 25 ml bottle of the best-known brand in the supermarket, you get almost 10 euros, which is not very cheap if you think about it. We are at cosmetic prices and things don't change with sticks. Maybe I'm wrong, but I have the impression that in recent years the selling price of these products has risen dramatically and that with this history of mosquitoes they are taking a little by the neck.

The trouble is, there are mosquitoes. And they sting. They also stung ten or twenty years ago, but we were less demanding. The mosquito spray they were simple solutions, they tasted of famarcia, they were not beauty products and they were cheap. Today we don't like those anymore and maybe we're right, but there is also a limit to what you can spend.

Do we need a mosquito repellent or perfume? The truth is that we want both, if it is even better wrinkle cream, and this raises production costs and the selling price. The price much more than the costs to be honest, because the insect repellent substances always those are and also the scented essences if you want to add them. Except that the closer you get to the world of luxury, the more the price becomes random: 'Ours is not a anti-mosquitoes, beauty, it is a fragrant non-sting experience '. I got it?

Vabbeh, back to us. What can we do? Personally, I am of the opinion that if one goes to areas at risk of mosquitoes, it is good to protect oneself at best. And a few euros more for a tested quality product is well spent. Even a trip to the countryside or to the park can become a problem and a vial of mosquito spray I always keep the ones that are effective right away in the summer. There are also very good ecological ones.

The case of mosquito repellent every day is different, usually in the evening. Here a milder and good protection is enough mosquito spray we can also do it alone by mixing food alcohol, demineralized water and essential oils such as lemongrass, geranium and others that do not like mosquitoes. In a solution of this type, alcohol only serves as a solvent, the active ingredient is in the essential oil. And here lies the criticality of homemade mosquito repellants.

Essential oils, however fragrant they may be, are not entirely harmless. They enter the circulation absorbed by the epidermis and since the mechanism of the sprays induces us to be generous in the doses, even more so in the case of bland preparations made with our 'hands', the risk of abuse is very high. And then are you sure you are not sensitive to this or that particular substance? Not knowing it is better to start with a test in a small area of ​​the body, if everything is okay it gets bigger.

That said, here's my simple-to-simple recipe for mosquito spray scented. Readily available raw materials, low production cost and pleasant smell. To be tested on your own skin. Effective enough for mosquito protection in urban or mixed environments. If you go to the jungle or to exotic countries plan differently.

DIY scented mosquito repellent spray

  • food alcohol at 95 ° (found at the super in the alcohol department);
  • distilled water (demineralized);
  • lemongrass essential oil
  • essential oil of geranium
  • Optional ingredients: pure eucalyptus essential oil, basil, thyme, peppermint, lavender, patchouli

For a 100 ml vial of mosquito spray (you can reuse the container of a spent perfume) you need 15 grams of alcohol (an electronic sling is always useful for these things), 85 grams of demineralized water and 60 drops of essential oil (or more oils, always 60 drops). The preparation consists in joining the elements, closing the vial and shaking well. Then you won't need to shake each time because the alcohol will have dissolved the active ingredients. Ps: of the 60 drops, at least 40 should be reserved for lemongrass and geranium which are the most effective anti-mosquitoes. The other oils, milder against insects, are used mostly to perfume as desired.

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