Super-portable water filters

A portable water filter can be very useful when camping in the mountains. There are different models of water purifiers on the marketwater that work from filter for the impurities present in the waters collected directly at the source. A purifier ofportable water it usually comes with a filter straw capable of retaining unwanted agents present inwater.

The price of these devices can reach over 300 euros, it all depends on the capacity of filtering and the chosen technology. THE portable filters the most popular are those from Katadyn, very simple to use, light, compact and with an attractive design.

Even if i filters Katadyn are rather "historians", With the arrival of new innovations, the market has begun to propose portable filters very special. This is the case of NDūR Survival Straw the portable water filter with the appearance of a large straw.

The purifier ofwater NDūR Survival Straw is tube-shaped. A filter capable of removing 99.9% of all microorganisms present in the water. It not only eliminates traces of life but also chemicals, this time with a purification capacity of 99.99%. The portable water filter NDūR Survival Straw has a filtering capacity of 95 liters of water.

Man is advised to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, with a filter like that our camping in the mountains could last more than a month! The peculiarity of this portable filter is that it manages to purify the water just while drinking: thewater, before reaching the human jaws, stop in filter where it is purified.

The most interested aspect of the NDūR Survival Straw it's not its small size - the filter is almost pocket-sized! - but it's the price. Initially the filter NDūR Survival Straw it was designed for developing countries that do not have access to safe water resources, this has made it possible to place a product on the market at a price of around 25 euros.

Who has got to try theLife Strow filter he was satisfied with it. A couple of travelers used theLife Strow filter during a trip to Malawi fordrinking water from the well of the village. The villagers suffered from severe episodes of dysentery caused by the contamination of the water from the local well. The two travelers, thanks to the use of theLife Strow portable water purifier, they didn't have any problems. The two users recommend "shaking a lot" the water purifier after use in order to allow the residual water to escape from the filter, otherwise the water will stagnate causing unpleasant odors.

Where to buy the Life Strow portable water purifier?
The Life Strow portable water purifier can be purchased at the promotional price of 22.50 euros with free shipping. For the purchase and all the opinions and reviews of users, please refer to the official Amazon page: LifeStraw Personal water filter

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