More info on the products in the supermarket of the future

More info on the products in the supermarket of the future

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In supermarket of the future the foods have the 'augmented' label with more information than those required by law. Ingredients, origin of raw materials, possible presence of allergenic agents, nutritional data per serving, carbon footprint, some recipes and even a little history if you want. The customer's hand points the product displayed on the interactive table and the info scrolls on the monitor at eye level.

This, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting aspects of the supermarket of the future that the Coop presents to EXPO Milan in the space of the Future Food District. Are we moving towards a global agreement that, like it or not, will limit the obligation for multinationals to provide information on the origin of food products? Well, then let's let other producers, organic producers for example, take all the space they want to tell their products and make them prefer to consumers.

Information makes the difference. And the augmented label, as digital, is ideal for containing all the information you want. The spending of the future, in supermarket of the future, it's a digital journey totally customer oriented in which the products are narrated to be chosen well. When it comes to food, product is king, and here the possibility (or risk) that the shopping experience will prevail over what you buy is real, but it is a manageable side effect. The truth is that, in the supermarket of the future Coop's technology really helps the consumer to learn more.

Already mentioned of the interactive tables, where sensors Microsoft Kinect integrated to a content management system in cloud identify the gesture of the customer through mechanisms of body detection (but now enough with the computer language!), in supermarket of the future there are also vertical shelves redesigned in their traditional layout from which it is possible, with a simple touch, to select a product and view additional information that is difficult to include in the space of a traditional label. The story of the product from the field to the family in a digital augmented label.

Food specialists and IT specialists. To design and build the first European example of supermarket of the future (everything already exists, it just needs to replicate it) Coop has collaborated with Accenture and Microsoft through the company Avanade in all technological aspects. The concept translated into practice is the one theorized by architect Carlo Ratti, teacher at MIT in Boston and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, of a supermarket that synergistically integrates architecture, spaces dedicated to the customer and technology. For an innovative, physical and digital shopping experience together.

I add, after having been there twice, that to me the supermarket of the future liked. I imagine the difficulties of the consumer in front of all this technology, but then I understand that mine is an ancient fear of the over forty-five year old tribe of not digital native. I believe it will work, in whole or in part to begin with, and that this is a road that cannot be avoided. I just hope that the emotion of the purchase does not overshadow the products too much. Let's talk about food after all.

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