To work by bike, advice and tips

To work by bike, advice and tips

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If you are thinking of go to work by bike, know that the bicycle is a very convenient means of transport and yours would be an easy choice and able to extend your life. Calculate that in city traffic the average speed is 15 km / h, in the most congested points you go even slower ... going to work by bike you could even arrive early on your colleagues with car.

Riding a bicycle helps the environment, helps the household economy and improves the physical appearance: it firms the buttocks and keeps you healthy and fit. If, rightly, you are worried about the smog of the city center, you can easily cycle wearing anti-smog masks specially designed for those who travel by bicycle.

Before cycling to work

If you have decided to go to work by bicycle, start doing the little leg! There little leg, in cycling jargon, is that phase that allows you to "take your breath away“, To get fit to face more or less long routes in bicycle. With a good preliminary training it is possible go to work by bike even if during the journey you will have to face some climbs.

It is important to arrive prepared for the first day ofwork on a bikeotherwise you would risk getting too tired, discouraged and abandoning the project. Take advantage of your enthusiasm and excellent resolution to do some exercise. Of course, there are special courses in the gymspinningbut rather I suggest you take some preliminary walks on flat paths. Take progressively longer walks until you cover a distance equivalent to the commute from home to work.

If you have other doubts about how to manage sweat or how to get out of the house by bicycle in very cold weather, you have two guide articles:

  • Like cycling to work
  • Tips for cycling in winter

To work by bike: which bike to choose to get around the city

If the climbs are too steep or frequent, I recommend that you buy a pedal assisted bike. The advice is valid even if you are required to arrive at work in a suit and tie, this clothing is not ideal for comfort on two wheels with pedals. To learn more, I refer you to the article "is an electric bicycle worthwhile? "

How to choose the right bike?
The market forRoad bike orcity ​​bicycles(city bike, enduro bike ...) is very diverse and it is normal to feel confused. Here are some tips for choosing the best bike to use in the city.

Many Road bike they bring the curved handlebars up or down (for walking), in reality, to have a better posture while riding and to tire less on the bike, it is better to choose a straight handlebar! Of course, with an upright posture the aerodynamics will suffer but ... you have to go to work and not a cycling competition, so it is better to give priority to on-board comfort.

If you decide togo to work by bike, surely you will have had the idea of ​​buying a very expensive one carbon fiber bike.Of course, this is the lightest solution but not the most convenient: calculate that you will most likely have to leave the bike in the weather, parked outside or in areas rich in smog. An aluminum frame will be perfect, more resistant and less need for attention than a carbon fiber frame.

I would like to point out two models with an excellent value for money:

  • Velocity bike(pictured above)

The perfect bike for getting around town, taking walks and going to work. The frame is made of aluminum, the aerodynamic fork ends with a straight handlebar, perfect for facilitating good posture on the pedals. V.Brakes in aluminum with Shimano 21-speed chain derailleur. The height of the frame is 59 cm so it is suitable for particularly tall people. The bike weighs about 12 kg and is offered at the promotional price onAmazonof 255 euros.

  • Pegado black-gold

For those who do not appreciate bicycles with gears. The height of the frame is 53 cm, perfect if you are between 164 and 170 cm tall. The bike is perfect for commuting and commuting around town and certainly does not lack style: the anodized aluminum aero rims are gold-plated and the hubs are precious. The aerodynamic fork ends with a straight handlebar that facilitates upright posture. The brakes are branded side-pullDual Pivot.

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