Bioclimatic pergola

Bioclimatic pergola

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A bioclimatic pergola it is a point in the house or garden outside where, with the use of a structure and sometimes vegetation, the temperature, ventilation and light are adjusted so that you can experience the outdoor space. The difference between a simple natural pergola and a bioclimatic pergola is that the former has a primarily aesthetic function in the garden, one bioclimatic pergola instead it is made to be used by people in different climatic conditions.

Temperature, brightness and ventilation are adjustable factors in one bioclimatic pergola through a series of technical measures. The regulating function can be entrusted to a vegetation cover created by a climber clinging to a support structure, in this case the pergola it will only be usable in good weather.

But you can also create a more complex structure, in wood or other materials, equipped with openable and adjustable slats in the upper part and also on the walls if desired. In this second case it is a real one bioclimatic pergola it can also be used in case of rain, or under the sun in the middle of the day thanks to forced ventilation mechanisms.

Obviously also one bioclimatic pergola modern, perhaps equipped with home automation systems for adjusting the slats, it can be covered with vegetation so as to better fit into the garden environment. From this point of view there are no limits to the imagination. Let's say the basic difference between a natural pergola and a bioclimatic pergola it is in the complexity of realization.

The first can also be done alone, with a little eye and few materials since the climatic function is given by the green (a job more for a gardener than a carpenter). For the bioclimatic pergola instead you need a structure expert, a project, suitable materials and a few tools. Better then to rely on a company specializing in pergolas and verandas.

By the way, what is the difference between one bioclimatic pergola and a veranda? Well, to put it briefly, the bioclimatic pergola it is a structure open on the sides and can be opened or not at the top. The veranda, on the other hand, is a closed structure that can be opened but hermetically sealed, built on a balcony or terrace and leaning against a building. The veranda can also become an additional room of the house, the pergola however cannot.

The difference between the pergola and the canopy is more subtle if you like, on which the Council of State also intervened to clarify. The judges established that the difference is due to the common language: the canopy is a hanging structure, leaning against the wall or entirely supported by pillars, of a certain consistency and visual impact. The pergola, on the other hand, is made up of a parallel series of poles connected by a light frame, suitable for supporting climbing plants or providing shade, without side closures.

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