Ionization of the air in the house

There air ionization it is determined by simple natural processes such as solar radiation or the breaking of water. These factors act on the normally neutral air molecules, splitting them into pairs of ions of opposite polarity and thus generating negative ions. For this reason, on the beach or near a waterfall, the air is well 'ionized', that is, charged with negative ions that facilitate the absorption of oxygen into the blood, giving us a feeling of well-being.

Yes, but at home? In environments where we spend most of our time, that is, indoors or on the street in the city, the air ionization happens the other way around. Here the number of negative ions decreases drastically because atmospheric and electrical pollution produces positively charged particles (positive ions) that hinder the body's absorption of oxygen.

What to do? Air polluted by a massive presence of positive ions can be improved by purifying devices and air ionizers, that is, devices that mechanically filter the air by emitting negative ions. The ionization of the air occurs because the negative ions, by binding to the positively charged particles, cause the pollutants to precipitate, accentuating the process of cleaning and revitalizing the air.

There air ionization with ionizer appliances it is especially important for children's rooms, older people and allergy sufferers. It is also important in environments where you smoke, but without delegating to the ionizer the function of completely purifying the air, which must be exchanged often.

How to choose an air ionizer? The first tip is to avoid devices that ionize the air without purifying it first. The second is to also evaluate the availability of filters at the time of purchase. This is because dirty filters worsen the quality of the air rather than improve it and, from time to time, must be replaced. For a good branded device, be prepared to invest a hundred euros.

Precautions? All appliances for the air ionization produce ozone in varying quantities. This is not a good thing because ozone is a toxic gas if inhaled in high concentrations. Oneair ionizer of good quality should emit ozone in quantities not exceeding 0.1 parts per million.

Good ionizers can also be bought online, for example this one Air ionizer purifier

For a partial ionization of the air, the Himalayan salt lamp

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