Is tap water bad for you?

L'tap water is bad? A very difficult question because it all depends on how the city water network is managed. In theory, tap water should be perfectly drinkable and therefore safe for health. Unfortunately, scandals such as arsenic contamination raise doubts among citizens, a question that has affected several municipalities in the regions of Tuscany, Lombardy and Lazio.

Arsenic water is not the only scandal that has undermined the confidence of citizens in the water network. Theresafety tap water causes much discussion, so much so that the issue was raised even during the 2015 election campaign by quite a few candidates from the most disparate Italian administrations. To give an example, thetap waterAntonio D ’Agostino was the focus of the mayoral candidate of the civic committee" CambiAmo Vibo "(Vibo Valentia):

"The water problem still remains an unsolved affair. The potability of the precious liquid still remains highly questionable for many Vibonese citizens. This is because the water, in many cases, from August 2010 - the period in which the first emergency broke out in the city and hamlets, has never stopped reaching the homes of citizens of a disturbing brown and smelly color. It should also be remembered that the water emergency has ended up in the spotlight of the local Public Prosecutor's Office, which in recent months has opened a special investigation file that still sees several under investigation today. "As reported by the pages of the Codacons portal.

L'tap water is bad? Perhaps in some places in Italy yes, but even bottled water is not exempt from scandals, so we can raise another question:mineral water is bad? Or rather, thebottled wateris it safer than the one that flows from the tap?

Mineral water is neither by definition nor in practice necessarily purer and healthier than drinking water. "This is what we read in the book "Someone wants to give it to us to drink" by Giuseppe Altamore. Book that reports tests, research and insights on the healthiness of mineral water compared totap water.

If the focus is on environmental impact, certainly thetap waterit is safer than bottled one. Mineral water weighs on the environment from bottling to distribution, from purchase to disposal ... Plastic bottles, although recyclable, have a high cost for the environment. Even if we examine the non-environmental costs, but the economic weight, thetap watercomes out the winner. Although in Italy we have the municipality with the most expensive water in Europe (Sestri, with a cost of 4.21 euros per cubic meter), thetap waterit is much cheaper and more sustainable for the environment.

Is tap water bad for you?

After the necessary premise, it can be said that, except in cases where there is contamination of the aquifers and poor management of the water network, thetap water doesn't hurt and it's safe. To protect themselves, citizens can contact the competent authorities or entities such as ARPA (acronym for Regional Agency for Environmental Protection).

How to drink safe and safe water?

Of course, buying bottled water will not keep you safe, unfortunately only the consumer can truly protect himself. If we want to drink good, pure and uncontaminated water, we must "fight" and invest more forces in protecting the environment. Only by protecting rivers, lakes and aquifers can we guarantee a safe water supply.

In the immediate future it is possible to equip the home faucets special filters able to purify tap water and make it even tastier on the palate. In this regard, I recommend purchasing arefrigeration unitwhich, at the user's discretion, can provide perfectly purified sparkling or still water.

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