How to reuse tea bags

Not everyone knows that the used tea bags they can be reused for different uses; to fertilize, to treat dark circles, against bad smells, as a mosquito repellent ... in short, the alternative uses of this bag destined for the dustbin are many.

As is well known, recycling always involves considerable advantages; less waste, rational use of resources, energy savings and there is no lack of economic gain! Let's see in detail how to reuse tea bags giving you some useful tips.

How to reuse tea bags, alternative uses

  • As a fertilizer

If you have a small patch of land and maybe you have organized yourself in composting organic waste, these sachets become a precious resource for compost. You can also use them as a ready-to-use fertilizer; just pour the contents of the sachet into the soil of the jar and mix.
If the sachets are made of organic material and do not have any metal clips, you can insert them directly into the jar and mix it with the earth.

  • As an anti-inflammatory

Everyone knows the beneficial virtues of tea on the body, but did you also know that the tea bags have therapeutic virtues for the skin? For example, black tea or green tea, have anti-inflammatory properties that help eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes and are also effective against insect bites.
Their action is even more effective if they are used cold, so put them in the freezer before using them again. When needed, you will have to apply them directly on the inflamed part for a few minutes. For more information on tea varieties, please read the article "Tea varieties and properties"

  • As a repellent against bad odors

Instead of baking soda, we can use used and dry tea bags as they have the same function: they absorb bad odors. They are effective against bad smells in the fridge, in the closet ... just put a sachet to say goodbye to unpleasant smells
To eliminate the smells of larger rooms, obviously more sachets are needed.
And to get rid of the bad smell of your pet's kennel, just dust the remains of a few tea bags, leave it on for a few minutes and then vacuum it.

  • As a repellent against mosquitoes

With used tea bags we can create an effective repellent to ward off mosquitoes; Just pour the powder of a few bags of black tea, rosemary and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil into a bowl.

  • As a foot or body treatment

We can make a foot bath with tea bags: just boil some water with used tea bags. And if we want the whole body to benefit from it, we will have to put some sachets in the bathtub.

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