Food dryer, how it works

The preservation of food carried out in a natural way, without therefore adding preservatives, puts us in a position to be able to put genuine, healthy and low environmental impact foods on the table.

This practice has been around for several hundred years, ever since our ancestors used salt and smoke to prevent meat or fish from deteriorating. The main function of conservation is therefore to delay the deterioration of food and can be done through natural methods, through the use of natural substances or through the use of preservatives, anti-microbial substances that inhibit, retard or prevent growth. and the proliferation of bacteria, yeasts and molds.

However, we are talking about potentially dangerous substances; most of the additives are harmless, but some can undergo changes after ingestion (at the level of our gastrointestinal tract) or during cooking.

Food dryer, advantages
Solar drying is the simplest and cheapest method of preserving food. There are also modern dryers that propose a natural method of preserving food, without added preservatives.
An aspect not to be underestimated is the economic feedback: if you think that dryers are a strong investment to make, know that it is a figure that pays for itself in a short time. Just think about your eating habits: you will surely have bought mushrooms, dried figs or other things; these are products that have a certain cost, certainly much saltier than the equivalent fresh product.
Calculator in hand, it will not be difficult for you to determine how quickly you can amortize the cost of the dryer.

What is the dryer and what is it for
A dryer is a household appliance made up of several baskets, in which it is possible to house the food you want to dry. The operation of the dryer is very simple: the dehydration process eliminates the water of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, but also fish, meat and legumes and with it the perishable nature of fresh food.

Food dryers, costs
The cost of a dryer varies according to the brand and characteristics: they range from 40 euros for a home dryer up to 300 for a professional one.
For further information on the main characteristics to consider when choosing a good dryer, please refer to the article "How to dry food"
Among the various products on the market, we point out the Severin OD 2940 dryer with 5 compartments that offers 5 removable inserts and can dry fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs. The book "Drying in the kitchen. 66 recipes. Tips and techniques for preserving and enjoying the essence of food. "

Advice: among the various models on the market we advise you to choose a versatile dryer, that is capable of drying both vegetables and fruit (more difficult to dehydrate) and above all that does not absorb more than 250 W.

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